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Lookie what I got!

May 6, 2008

I didn’t make this, but I have to share it anyway:

It’s a fuzzy pineapple!! Isn’t is cool? My friend Kat made it for me. She crocheted the black covering and cut and sewed the rest. I was quite happy to receive it. And to learn why Kat had called me the other night asking “What is your favorite fruit?” Best homemade button ever.

After buying 3 pairs of shoes the other day (my previous sandals were kind of grungy and not acceptable for officewear), I decided to get rid of some of my clothes. I have far too many. I filled a bag to be taken to goodwill and filled another with clothes I plan to strip down for their fabric. Lining bags and whatnot. I don’t know when I’m going to do all of this, but I really like the idea of reusing the old materials. I’ve been into the “green” movement for a while, but I’ve been getting into it more lately; thinking more about sustainable options where I wouldn’t necessarily have considered them earlier. And using old clothes for material seems like a good option to me, as many others have demonstrated.

Someday when I’m not in grad school…

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