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Lost (and hopefully found in the near future)

May 25, 2008
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I haven’t written lately because I’ve been feeling uninspired…I put the hoodie away when I was halfway done with the hood…I don’t know why, so I’m picking it back up tonight.  Just when I was finding my inspiration again I was thwarted.

I was at my parents’ this weekend for my awesome mom’s graduation.  I was working on a crochet project last night when watching a movie with my parents. When I was done, I set it down on the coffee table in front of me.  At the end of the night, I moved it maybe 8 feet to the dining room table.  This morning, as I was packing my carry-on bag for the flight back home, my crochet hook was mysteriously missing!  My parents and I looked everywhere for it! I don’t know how it could have disappeared when it was hardly moved.

At the last minute, I had the genius idea that I’d thrown it in the junk drawer when I was putting the scissors away, but no such luck.  So not only could I not crochet on the plane today, I can’t do it at all because I don’t have any other hooks of that size, and everything is closed on Sunday.  Grrr….

Luckily I don’t need this finished until July.

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