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June 17, 2008

Finally I finished the Mariah hoodie from Knitty that I started I-won’t-even-tell-you-how-long ago. I took out the cables, because all I wanted was a simple cotton hoodie, and surprisingly I couldn’t find any basic hoodie patterns (at least not in a worsted weight). Anyway, here it is! 4ish skeins of Charcoal Lion Brand Cotton-Ease.

Considering that I first learned how to knit correctly while making this project, I think it turned out pretty well. I really like it. There are a few character [read: messed up] parts of it, and somehow the hood came out a bit short, but I spent the last two evenings sewing up the hood and sewing the zipper on, and all in all, I really like it. I’m thinking of knitting pockets for it at some point, but I’ll admit that it’s a long way off and I’m happy to be done with the thing.

Now some of you may be thinking “Marie, you live in North Carolina, and it is roughly 9,000 degrees outside. Even though your hoodie is made of cotton, you probably still will not actually wear it for some time!” Well, my friends, it may be at least 9,001 degrees outside, but inside my office, I’d say it’s more like 65–in general. More like 60 at my desk, because I have the unfortunate luck of sitting in a cube right under the air vent. (A discovery I only recently made.) I’m so proud of this item, I may even wear it to work tomorrow. (Yes, I have a casual office unless clients are in town.)

Right now, I am working on a few crochet projects. I like that I’ve become bicraftual. Especially since I have way too much yarn, and my stash needs to be stopped. I have more options now than I did before.

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  1. A. Nonymous permalink
    June 18, 2008 9:54 am

    Very Cute Mazie.
    like your haircut too

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