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Still going!

August 6, 2008

I’ve been so busy lately, which is why I haven’t written in a while. But I haven’t forgotten about this blog, and I have plenty of new projects to post once I get a chance.  Four, in fact.  Maybe this weekend I’ll have a chance but between my parents visiting, packing, and moving, I’ve had no time.  So I’ll just take this opportunity to share two very exciting pieces of knitting news (for me anyway).

I moved into my new apartment last weekend, where I expected to find washer and dryer hookups in the room off the kitchen.  I started to explore after I got the keys and found an actual washer and dryerAnd the washer is a top loader!  This is exciting because a) I can now do laundry whenever I want without excuses such as “it’s dark” or “it’s raining” getting in my way, and b) I can felt things now! Very exciting.

Even more exciting news, I got a set of Denise’s used on Ravelry from the ISO and Destashing group. The girl selling it also sold me an extra cord along with the extra 17’s and 19’s.  Hooray!  I have a whole new world of knitting possibilities now, because I don’t have to worry about what size circulars I have. I can just do it.  I just got them in the mail this morning and started using them for my Flutter Sleeve Cardigan, because the size 6s I have are just a tad too short for the back.

So that’s pretty much what I’m working on now.  I didn’t do totals for last month and goals for this one, because I was just far too busy last month to get much done…and school starts soon, so who knows what that will do to my free time?

Anyway, pics of new projects coming. I promise!

PS – Comments totally welcome. I’ve been told that people enjoy reading it, but comments help me believe you 😛

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