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Flash Your Stash 2009

April 1, 2009

It’s the annual “Flash Your Stash” that I always seem to miss, but this time I got it right. (And now I’ll remember that it’s on April Fools Day!) Usually, I’m quite embarrassed to admit how much yarn I have, but today is all about showing it off. (Plus I’ve seen way bigger stashes on Ravelry today to be ashamed :-P) So now, I take you through my stash:

What at first appears to be nothing but a sad excuse for a coffee table…


…is later shown to contain massive amounts of stash! The majority of my stash is organized pretty well, but this is basically “everything else.” I started filling it with anything that I had several balls of, that wasn’t going to be used anytime soon, so there was little point in having out where it was readily accessible. It grew from there to “stuff I can’t fit anywhere else.”


This is the corner of my bedroom. Yarn and art supplies on the bottom. The top few shelves are knitting books/magazines….which will grow out of that space by the end of the year. Good thing I’m moving to a house.


And here’s a closeup. You might have some idea at this point what my favorite color is. The bottom right is most of my sock yarn. The one above it is cheap Red Heart acrylic for toys. The stuff in the drawer is largely acrylic blend leftovers and the bigger one on the left is mostly cotton blends with a few novelty yarns thrown in.


And here’s the last of it! The one on the right is all 100% wool. The one on the left is sort of a random assortment of stuff. It started as full skeins of stuff, to keep it away from the leftovers, but I haven’t gone in there in a while, so I’m not sure there’s any organization at all at this point.

So that’s my stash! At the beginning of January it came in at somewhere around 25 miles! I’ve bought a little since then, but I’ve used up most of it. I’ve used/given away over 3 miles according to my knitmeter on the sidebar. And hopefully the size will shrink even more in the days to come. At least once the semester’s over.

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  1. April 1, 2009 9:29 pm

    Love the stash flash!

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