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My mission begins…

May 27, 2009

I have decided to go with a double sided bag, because I couldn’t choose between Kirk and Spock. I obtained yarn in the proper colors, and am preparing to go.

I’m really excited about this project. Not just because of the cool Star Trek aspect of it, but I really enjoyed working on my Archie bag, and I’m excited to be doing a similar project.

I played around on photoshop and created charts for both Kirk and Spock. Several issues:

1. I’m not sure if my ink cartridge will live through printing the Spock one. Though I must say that there has been something wrong with my printer cartridges from the start. The color one never worked right, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my B&W is dying after not printing all that much prior to this chart.
2. Main issue: I have no idea what I was thinking when I set the sizes of the images. The original instructions that I used when I created my Archie chart said to make the image 11 inches wide. I wanted this one to be slightly larger than my Archie bag, so I made it 12 inches wide. This completely disregards the fact that I felted my Archie bag because the proportions were messed up, thus making it much smaller than 11 inches wide. (In fact, it’s more like 9). I also didn’t think of the dimensions of the Star Trek images, so now the chart as printed out is 12 inches wide by 15 inches tall. (My Archie bag is more like a foot tall.) At first, it might not sound like that large of a bag…but when it’s just someone’s face, then it’s ginormous. There’s a huge pixellated image of Chris Pine’s head on my endtable…and it’s freaking me out a bit. And Spock’s head is even bigger than Kirk’s on his poster, so I’ll just be carrying around an image of ZQ’s big old melon.

I’m torn as to whether I should just redo it, and risk overworking my printer, or just have an extra large chart, but actually knit it smaller. The only thing I’m worried about there is screwing up the proportions like they were screwed up on my first bag. I’m not sure that my gauge proportions will remain the same. I’d rather do more work upfront rather than do all this shit and have the bag not come out right in the end. I guess I’m up for some heavy gauge swatching. *sigh*

Rest assured, I’ll figure something out. And it’ll be fun, right?

Chris Pine dances with excitement

Right. Chris is excited. Alright.

Good news is that I’ve knit over a mile this month! So at least I made some progress on that front. June will probably be a bit slower because of all the work I’ll have to put into this project before I cast on.

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