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Star Trek continued

June 2, 2009

So with my newfound free time, I’ve been a busy little trekkie.

My first order of operation, because I needed a break from the color chart, was to make the hat that Scotty wore in the movie. Original hat seen here.

Now I can’t take credit for the pattern. I was going to come up with my own, but Nicole Lorenz beat me to it, and she did a fabulous job. The pattern looked good, was easy, and was exceedingly well-written. It was awesome. So here’s my result:

I think it looks pretty kick ass. And pretty close to the original. It’s just a fun hat.

Today, since I had the sniffles too badly to leave the house (The allergy season is particularly lengthy and bad this year) I decided that I should finish that Kirk chart, since it’s been sitting on my dining room table for about a week now. I sat down with in in the living room, struggling to see the picture after I’d laid the knitter’s graph paper on top of it, because I don’t have a lightbox.. I got frustrated and looked out the window….and then it dawned on me.


TAPE THE THING TO THE GLASS DOOR! Let the sunlight do the work for me! After I did that, it was a piece of cake! I’m glad I figured this out now, that way I can use that technique from the beginning, and save a ton of time whenever I get to Spock.

At this point, the Kirk chart is 100% ready to go. The whole project will probably take me a while to complete, as following a Fair Isle chart like this is a fairly tedious task for me, so I’ll probably work on it intermittently only. I’m still excited about the project though and I really hope that it turns out well.

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  1. misstorid permalink
    June 6, 2009 7:18 pm

    Hat= WANT.

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